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Our Disciplines

01 Trap 

Eco-Friendly Design

Trap shooting is a form of clay pigeon shooting where participants use shotguns to shoot clay targets (often called "pigeons" or "birds") that are launched into the air from a machine called a trap. The trap is typically located in a "trap house" situated in front of the shooting positions.

02 Skeet 

24/7 Support

Skeet shooting is a competitive shooting sport that involves shooting clay targets, known as "birds," that are launched into the air from two fixed stations called "houses." Skeet shooting differs from trap shooting in that the targets are launched from different locations and follow various trajectories.Skeet shooting is both competitive and fun

03 5-Stand 

Multilingual Functionality

5-stand is a shooting sport that combines elements of trap, skeet, and sporting clays into a compact and dynamic shooting experience. 5-stand can be both fun and beneficial for hunters practicing their aim

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